Apollo Rubber Sdn Bhd was founded in 1988. We are one of the leading manufacturer and exporter of barrier protective gloves. Our customers are from various countries which include Europe, South America, Japan, Middle East and African countries with new markets expected in the near future. Our customers include multinational companies, nationalized industries as well as fast growing small and medium enterprises. The quality that distinguishes us is our ability to deliver the products that best meet the customer's needs irrespective of location and size. We are a company who are responsive and gives personalized approach.

Our gloves comply with all relevant national and international standards. We believe life is worth protected; therefore our products are manufactured with the highest quality and protection to ensure your health and safety.

Our range of products includes latex medical gloves that can be used in hospitals, surgeries, dental, laboratories and other medical units. We have also diversified our range of products by producing non-latex gloves such as nitrile gloves, polymer coated gloves and co-polymer gloves. Besides medical gloves we also supply non-medical gloves for multipurpose use for both at home and work to ensure a clean and healthy living.